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Downtown Businesses Thank DMB For Concert

Sep 21, 2017 -- 11:57pm

The Downtown Business Association is rolling out a big “thank you” to the Dave Matthews Band for the upcoming benefit concert.

A 40-foot “thank you” card will be in front of the "Love" sign on the Downtown Mall starting Friday, September 22nd.

People are invited to come out and sign the care from 12-6 pm Friday and Saturday, and 10am-2pm on Sunday.

The "Concert for Charlottesville" is set for Sunday.

It's hosted by the Dave Matthews Band and features several other performers.

City Council Decides Affordable Housing Funds

Sep 21, 2017 -- 11:50pm

Monday Charlottesville City Council voted on funding for affordable housing projects.

City Manager Maurice Jones said counselors have allocated $2.4 million this year.

The money will go primarily to two projects in the Carlton neighborhood.

One is building new units, and the other is repairing existing units so they can be considered supported affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity and AHIP, which work to increase and maintain home ownership, also asked for funding; but the city said it could only come up with half the funds requested for those programs.

City Council will look into allocating money to rental assistance at the October 2nd meeting.

Judge: 'Jury Should Hear' ACPD Racial Profiling Case

Sep 21, 2017 -- 11:48pm

A lawsuit alleging racial profiling by an Albemarle County police officer will likely move forward, after a federal judge heard arguments during a motion to dismiss hearing on Thursday.

Federal Judge Glen Conrad has not yet formally ruled on the motion, but said in court that the facts of the case should be heard by a jury.

The lawsuit alleges that Officer Andrew Holmes racially profiled Delmar Canada when he stopped him for driving on a suspended license in 2014, then showed up days later to search his home in the middle of the night.

Attorneys for Holmes said the case should be thrown out because the plaintiffs have not shown "clear evidence" that Holmes was intentionally targeting black people, but the judge said the unusual search of the house raised enough questions about motive that a jury should hear the case.

The suit is one of four alleging racial profiling against Officer Holmes.

Attorneys for the defense declined comment following Thursday’s hearing.

Statues Are No Longer Public Space?

Sep 20, 2017 -- 9:33pm

Orange fences and new no trespassing signs have been placed around the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

According to legal analyst Scott Goodman, despite the parks being public land, the city has the right to control them as needed, including restricting certain areas.

The new signs and restricted access come after several cases where the tarps hiding the statues were taken down and had to be replaced.

A legal battle over the removal of the Lee statue is still moving through the Charlottesville Circuit Court system.

Concert To Be Live Streamed

Sep 20, 2017 -- 9:28pm

There is good news for people who are unable to go to the Concert for Charlottesville, headlined by the Dave Matthews Band.

The event will be “livestreamed” for those who can’t be there.

Anyone with an internet connection will be able to watch the show live online starting at 6pm Sunday, September 24th.

People can watch the live stream on a cell phone or computer at musicandunity.tumblr.com.

It will also be available through Yahoo, AOL and other sites owned by a company called Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon.

While the concert and livestream are free, donations are encouraged to help the people hurt in violent protests August 11th and 12th.

Haven Serves Lunch To Raise Money, Awareness

Sep 20, 2017 -- 9:21pm

The Haven, in downtown Charlottesville will now serve lunch to the general public every Wednesday.

The regular guests of the The Haven prepare the seating and food for the day.

A $10 donation is suggested, which gets patrons a completely home-cooked, four-course meal.

If all goes well, The Haven is considering expanding luch to every day.

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