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AMBER Alert Canceled

Jun 22, 2017 -- 7:27am








The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department has canceled an AMBER Alert for a missing Smyth County child.

The Sheriff’s Department confirms the missing child has been found unharmed in Rockingham County.

An AMBER alert was issued Wednesday for four-year old Kimberly Jane Long.

Virginia State Police say 26-year old Joel Dee Long has been arrested in connection with her disappearance from View Drive in Smyth County.

The child is reported to be OK.

'Ghostbusters' Baby Actor Dead At 29

Jun 22, 2017 -- 6:57am




(Metro) The man who played Sigourney Weaver's character's son Baby Oscar in the 1989 film "Ghostbusters Two" is dead. 

Hank Deutschendorf took his own life last week after a long battle with mental illness. 

His twin brother, William, who also played the baby, said Hank suffered from a combination of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and quote, "fought for his life every day." 

Deutschendorf was 29.

Michael Vick's Father Indicted

Jun 22, 2017 -- 6:23am






(Metro) The father of retired NFL player Michael Vick is being indicted in connection with a heroin distribution network in Hampton Roads. 

The indictment, unsealed yesterday, charges 12 people, including 55-year old Michael Dwayne "Vick" Boddie, for dealing in heroin and money laundering.  

Boddie has not yet been arrested.

1st Apple Computer Auctioned

Jun 22, 2017 -- 6:20am





(Metro) The very first Apple computer has sold at auction for 355-thousand dollars.

This is the one hatched in Steve Jobs' garage, built by Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Christie's New York sold the Apple-1 Personal Computer to an unidentified buyer last week.

The crude model constructed in 1976 launched Apple into the personal computer industry and led to the company's desktops, laptops, cellphones and watches.

Forbes says Apple is worth 170-billion dollars.

Heallth Care Details Revealed

Jun 22, 2017 -- 6:18am




(Metro) Details are emerging of the healthcare plan being cooked up by Senate Republicans. 

The "Washington Post" says a draft of the Senate bill rolls back Obamacare taxes and phases out the Medicaid expansion. 

It also gives states more ways to opt out of Obamacare regulations. 

The Republican plan is expected to be unveiled Thursday.

Garrett Holds Third Town Hall On WCHV

Jun 22, 2017 -- 6:15am




WCHV’s Joe Thomas hosted a third radio town hall with Fifth District representative Tom Garrett Wednesday.

During the two-hour program, Garrett answered questions regarding health care reform and the possibility of Republicans defecting from the Senate bill.

"If the Senate sends something back over that doesn't look like the original bill, there will be a move afoot and I will be amongst those leading it to submit a full repeal with a timeline that will allow us to implement a replacement," stated Garrett.

Garrett also announced the passage of a bill he sponsored that cuts bureaucratic waste in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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