Trump Blames Rise In AntiSemitism On 'The Other Side'

Feb 17, 2017 -- 5:25am

(Metro) President Trump says a rise in anti-Semitism in the U.S. is coming from "the other side." 

At a press conference Thursday, a Jewish reporter brought up recent bomb threats to dozens of Jewish community centers in the U.S., and asked Trump how the government was planning to address "an uptick of anti-Semitism." 

Trump responded that he was "the least anti-semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life," and that the reporter lied about asking a simple question. 

He didn't address the bomb threats, and instead called the question "repulsive" and "very insulting." 

Later, another reporter followed up on the question, asking Trump what he was going to do to deter a rise in anti-Semitism. 

Trump blamed anti-Semitism on his political opponents, saying, "They'll do signs and they'll do drawings that are inappropriate.  It won't be my people." 

The President said, "It will be people on the other side to anger people like you."

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