Virginia Gas Prices Are Lower Now Than Last Summer

Jun 18, 2017 -- 3:55pm

Image result for lower gas prices  It costs Virginia drivers less now to fill up their tank than it did a year ago.  AAA Mid-Atlantic reports prices at the pump have dipped in most areas within the Mid-Atlantic region, down four cents since last week, and down six cents from 2016.  Why the decrease, considering we were expecting gasoline prices to be higher this summer?  Tammy Arnette with AAA says a continued oversupply of crude along with a less than expected demand is keeping prices at the pump lower.   Arnette believes with comparable gas prices to last summer, consumers may feel encouraged to drive more, potentially leading to an increase in demand for gasoline, which could help dip into the supply levels.  But don’t worry, the U.S. continues to feed crude into the market at an impressive pace, leading to more gasoline production. 

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