WCHV FM/AM On Air Programs:


Monday through Friday:
0000-0100 Dave Ramsey
0100-0500 Coast to Coast AM
0500-0900 Joe Thomas
0900-1200 Glenn Beck
1200-1500 Rush Limbaugh
1500-1800 Sean Hannity
1800-2100 Lars Larson
2100-0100 Dave Ramsey
1900-2400 "Cville SportsNight" (see menu tab for specific games)
0000-0100 Dave Ramsey
0100-0500 Coast to Coast Weekend
0500-0730 Rush Limbaugh's "Week-In-Review"
0730-0800 "Your Home Today" w/ Butch & Sharon Duke
0800-0830 "Discoveries in Health"
0830-0900 Crystal Palate's "Wine Country
0900-1000 "Snow Knows" Garden Show
1000-1200 Ric Edleman
1200-0300 Lars Larson Weekend (unless pre-empted by play-by-play)
0300-0100 "Cville SportsSaturday" (see top of page for specific games)
0100-0500 Coast to Coast Weekend
0500-0700 Glenn Beck Weekend
0700-0800 "America's Family Farmer"
0800-0830 Charlottesville This Week
0830-0900 Infotrak
0900-0930 "Discoveries in Health"
0930-1000 "Everyday Faith"
1000-1100 "Freedom & Prosperity Radio"
1100-1130 "Discoveries in Health"
1130-1200 Infotrak
1200-1500 The Dave Ramsey Show (unless pre-empted by play-by-play)
1500-1900 "Cville SportsNight" (see above for specific game broadcasts)
1900-2000 Sean Hannity Weekend
2000-2030 "The Bible Says" A ministry of Albemarle Baptist Church
2030-2200 Sean Hannity Weekend
2200-0100 Bill Cunningham
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